2020: The Year of Breakthrough Beauty Brands

Many of us have found ourselves stuck at home in recent months, and we all know what happens when we’re left to our own devices for a significant amount of time – online shopping!

Seeing the same brands over and over again can get a little boring, to break the monotony we’ve searched for something new and something groundbreaking. You may have been sleeping more than usual lately – but these brands haven’t.

Here are the breakthrough brands of 2020 that aren’t widely advertised, so check out the list before they go mainstream and become difficult to source.

One brand that has taken the beauty industry by storm is Honest Beauty. Although this Jessica Alba-founded brand isn’t new, it recently hit the UK market, and we are thoroughly impressed. This brand is all about transparency and the wellness of their customers.

Honest Beauty can be associated with words such as natural and organic and is built entirely on the belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between something that works for you and something that looks good on you.

Volition is a brand all about the customer; the brand created the products because the consumers requested it. They take the requests on board and try their best to provide the consumer with a product that is both high quality and effective.

All products are clean and paraben, sulfate and cruelty-free. You simply go onto their website and vote on products proposed by other beauty-lovers, or you can go straight to their shopping section and order the products that have been voted on and already exist. Simple as!

To Vote your favourite Volition Products and Ideas (CLICK HERE)

One Ocean Cleansing Mist (£30.00)

Many brands make false claims when it comes to their ingredients, beliefs and packaging. But with One Ocean it is the complete opposite. One Ocean uses 100% recyclable packaging, sustainably sourced ingredients, and shipping methods and is partnered with Oceana to help preserve and keep our oceans clean.

The ingredients are sustainably sourced marine actives (hydrating and moisturising minerals extracted from some of the most valuable plants in our oceans) this is why this brand a real game-changer.

They are raising the bar when it comes to clean and sustainable beauty. Check out their cleansing mist – you can thank us later.

Other brands to keep on the lookout for are Versed Beauty, Tandem Skincare and Uoma, but don’t worry, we’ve included recommendations for those below:

UOMA Beauty- Say What? Foundation (£29.50)

Not only does this foundation brag about 51 shade options, but it can match to your individual undertone. Expect anti-inflammatory ingredients for darker skin tones and hyper-sensitivity for fairer skin. This brand is a perfect example of quality and quantity with no excuses.

Best of all it’s vegan and cruelty-free! This brand is the front-runner in the beauty revolution coming our way, and we couldn’t be happier!

Tandem Skincare- More than moisturiser (£20.00)

This company is all about less-is-more, and we support that, sometimes simple is best. Tandem is all about removing unnecessary steps in our routines, unnecessary packaging of products and unnecessary ingredients.

This moisturiser is hydrating and protects your skin against everyday pollutants that we face when going outside. With hyaluronic acid along with some light squalene, this moisturiser will help brighten your skin.

Versed – Day Dissolve Cleansing Balm (£7.50)

Now available in the UK, we can’t keep our hands off this cruelty-free, vegan, sustainable and affordable brand. With their simple yet effective packaging, this company is all about the right quality products that will help your skin.

Try their Cleansing Balm, which is artificial fragrance-free and boasts ingredients such as eucalyptus oil and clove leaf oil. It removes any grease or build-up on your skin without removing any natural moisture in your skin.

This gentle yet hard-working cleanser is the perfect product for those end-of-day moments when you want something practical to remove your makeup after a night out.

Volition – Snow Mushroom Water Serum (£52.00)

This before-mentioned brand is a best-seller that we just had to mention. This serum improves hydration retention and reduces the appearance of pores significantly.

Using both watermelon and apple extracts, it reduces the appearance of fine lines and gives your thirsty skin a well-needed drink of water.

Honest Beauty – Hydrating Eye Cream (£54.64)

The under-eye area is very delicate, treated with care. If you find your under-eyes feel a bit tight or dry in the mornings, then you should add this product to your shopping trolley immediately! This cream will work wonders and produce young, vibrant looking skin.

With so many breakthrough brands on the market this year, you’ll surely find something that will answer every problem. So go out there and find the perfect product for you!

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