They say money makes the world go around, but should we focus on it? NO.

What does abundance and prosperity mean to you?

For most people, when someone mentions ”abundance and prosperity” they instantly think of a big bank account or materialistic things’ such as a mansion or an expensive sports car. Or perhaps even a yacht. For some, they may picture vacations to exotic places or dining at elegant and expensive restaurants.

Most people don’t get to experience these things’ and all they can do is envy those who do. They may even feel like they are failures for not experiencing these things’.

We can’t all be the same but it’s really possible to live an abundant and prosperous life(even when you earn a modest living)

It all boils down to your attitude and the foundations of your mindset.

What is ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY, why is this more than just MONEY?

In our modern culture, it seems like those who earn, hoard and give away the most are the most valued members of the society. Ultimately it seems like the definition of abundance and prosperity is that feeling of having enough to spare.

Well, you may ask, are there people who’ve proven that abundance and prosperity out-weigh having money?

Look at Nelson Mandela and Mother Teresa for instance. These are people who’ll perhaps be remembered forever. They achieved abundance and prosperity without necessarily having huge bank accounts. What makes their story even remarkable and appealing to lots of people is the fact that it was never their goal to be well respected, famous or in history books. They simply helped others where they could. They achieved abundance and prosperity during times of adversity.

I’m sure you’ve heard lots of people say “money doesn’t buy happiness.”


Prosperity and abundance are really in the eye of the beholder. There are lots of people who are wealthy, with big bank accounts, but they still feel unfulfilled, they feel poor. On the other hand, there are lots of people who are poor materialistically, but they feel rich every single day they wake up.

It all boils down to their perspective, based on what they value most in their lives.This could be things’ like family, health, loyalty, honesty, helping others, peace, love compassion, etc. For example, a poor person living in a peaceful country can have a more abundant and prosperous life than a rich person who lives in a war-torn country(who’s perhaps constantly worried if his business going down due to war and losing all his wealth.)

Take an example of people living in Denmark. They’ve been ranked as the happiest people globally year after year – according to world happiness report. Despite their small country, their minds are clear and peaceful. This in turn makes them feel ‘rich’, despite their country not being the richest nation globally.


Having an abundant and prosperous life means your life is full of the finest things’ life has to offer: love, family, friends, laughter, joy, knowledge and peace of mind.

Of course money matters in our current world. You have bills to pay or perhaps fees to pay etc. So yes, regardless of your financial situation you can live an abundant and prosperous lifestyle.

6 thoughts on “ABUNDANCE AND PROSPERITY, Not Money

  1. To some extent, I can go with you. Happiness is in yourself and not in money or material. Abundance and prosperity are relative. One sees the glass half full and the other half empty. But if you are really poor and have hardly any money, no roof over your head and you can buy too little food for your children, who have to go to bed hungry (something that is almost unthinkable in Denmark) then you have only one goal: Surviving. Then you can experience love, have family and friends, laugh and have fun, although they often live in the same situation with the knowledge that it is all hopeless and peace of mind is far away.

    You have put it nicely but from your perspective.

    1. I understand what you are saying. I think in a situation if you are poor and need to feed your family and put a roof over your head than health and safety is still a priority, not money. Before you endeavour into finances you should assess your capabilities, your health and your prospects prior to your financial circumstances, and in which case I stand by my article that abundance and prosperity is a priority because without good health wealth does not mean anything, I hope this makes sense. Thankyou for your comments

  2. This is excellent. I agree money does not bring happiness. we search so much on the outside for our joy when it all comes from the inside. Life is precious and mastering the inner world is key to everything. You nailed it right on the head.

    1. thankyou, I’m so thrilled you agree. It’s easy to loose focus on material things, that is not where happiness comes from. I’m glad you read my article.

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