Collagen Protein Intensive Eye Cream

Using the right gentle eye cream can instantly lift and smooth the delicate eye contour, reduce the appearance of fine lines as well as under eye puffiness.

Fine lines and wrinkles come from excess sun damage and your skin producing less and less collagen as you get older. Collagen eye cream helps maintain the elasticity in your skin. Our research also tells us that Vitamin C, peptides and retinol have boosting collagen properties.

One of the best and healthiest ways to get rid of dark circles and under eye puffiness is from the inside out with powerful antioxidants and collagen peptides. We have gathered our favourite and recommended collagen eye creams for you, take a look below:


Elemis – Anti-Ageing Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal Cream (£52.53)

Also Clinically proven This intensive eye cream reduces the appearance of fine lines and nourishes the delicate eye area

The Elemis Anti Ageing Pro Collagen Eye Renewal has very Powerful anti ageing properties. It’s An organic derivative of seaweed that locks in moisture to the epidermis.

  Reveal Truly Youthful Eyes

Premier By Dead Sea Premier Supreme Skin Minerals Eye Care (£33.97)


One of my favourite brands, The Premier By Dead Sea Eye Cream is soft; the silky cream uses revolutionary innovations and age defying minerals to nourish and hydrate the delicate skin around the eye

Fine lines and wrinkles seemingly disappear while the cream also protects skin from harmful UVA&UVB; rays.

Ole Hendrickson Banana Bright Eye Creme (£44.90)

The Ole Hendrickson Banana Bright Eye Serum is the Best selling eye cream at Sephora. Instantly targets fine lines and wrinkles and reduces the look of dark circles, delivering excellent results

Because of the powerful vitamin C formula it might not be suitable for all skin types. It supports natural collagen while visibly firming and deeply hydrating.

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