Educating Ourselves – Beauty Myths

Quite often, even the most informed of us lose track of what’s right for our skin and what’s not. With so much information out there, it’s essential to cut through the noise and educate ourselves.

Here are three essential things that will change the health of your skin forever. Read this article now, and you can thank me later.

Let’s start with sunscreen. We’ve said this before, and we’re repeating it: there’s nothing more relevant to your skincare routine then suncream.

Don’t just take this news from us; this fact has been proven by doctors and dermatologists time and time again. But, for some unknown reason, the majority of people ignore this advice: particularly men.

We all need to wear suncream, whether it’s sunny or not. All year round, every day, and not just for vanity reasons but for health. If you’re still confused about what to choose, here’s some excellent information straight from our dermatologist.

Choose a sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection. UVA= A for – ageing. This type of light is all year round and will penetrate clouds and glass.

UVA can reflect off surfaces, sand, pavements, glass storefronts and water. UVB= B for burning, this type is mostly in the summer.

In our opinion, this is an essential part of your routine. Sun damage will lead to premature ageing and skin cancers. We’re not saying you should remove all your products for sun cream, but sun cream should always be your last step before makeup application.

Our favourite facial sunscreens are from ISDIN, a drugstore range in the mid-price range but a unique brand: an all-round good guy.

ISDIN – Fusion Water Sunscreen SPF 50+ Oil-Free (£15.87)

Fusion Water Sunscreen SPF 50+ Oil-Free is impressive. The texture is so thin it’s invisible and, what’s more, it’s waterproof without being sticky or tricky to remove at the end of the day.

Foto Ultra Age Repair, Fusion Water (£20.74)

Foto Ultra Age Repair Fusion Water, this is different from the above and is swim-friendly; you can apply it on wet skin. The good news is that it doesn’t sting your eyes, and it’s anti-ageing. Perfect for sunny days.

Cleanse Your Skin

The next myth is that you can go to bed without taking your makeup off. No! No, you can’t. You will end up in the best case scenario with enlarged pores and in the worst-case blackheads.

In an ideal world, you should cleanse your skin last thing at night and first thing in the morning. Especially if you wear makeup, we recommend a double cleanse.

Double cleanse means first use a cleanser to remove makeup; such as Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser, then go in with a product containing salicylic acid. Double cleanse is s deep cleanse your skin, leaving it fresh and clean.

We love Dermalogica as a brand, and the reason we love it is simple: it works. Although slightly more expensive than other brands, you only need a small amount. If you take that factor on board, the cost per cleanse is about the same.

Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser (£49.00)

This hardworking cleanser will remove any makeup, including the long-life stay-put kind.

“The good news is that customers are better
informed than ever when it comes to making
purchases. The bad news is that there’s often
little difference between marketing materials
and educational materials.”
The Body Shop Drops of Youth – Youth Gentle Foam Wash (£13.86)

When choosing cleansers containing salicylic acid avoid anything with benzoyl peroxide, as this is a skin irritant. That’s why we love Youth Gentle Foam Wash.

For something a little more expensive but an excellent product, try Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser.

 “For many companies, customer education is a
built-in problem that needs to be addressed
before, during, and after a challenging product
is brought to market. The amount of
information, misinformation, and conflicting
reports can be difficult to sift through, even
(and perhaps especially) when credible
science enters the mix.”

Murad Age Reform Refreshing Cleanser (£32.00)

Particularly good for skin over 35, this cleanser hydrates at the same time.

Get Some Sleep

Sleep is a luxury, and easier said than done at the moment. The more we want to sleep, the less likely we will be able to sleep. It can be very much like a never-ending cycle that leads to stress and anxiety and that, in turn, takes a toll on our skin.

Products alone will not save your skin; you need at least 6-7 hours of sleep a night rather than rely on medication. You should try to maximise relaxation before going to sleep.

Start by making sure your bedroom is a calm place and cool in temperature. Avoid caffeine at least 2 hours before going to bed as well as excessive alcohol.

Consider adding some light exercise before bed, nothing to raise the heart rate. Some light stretching or yoga will help the overall relaxation of the mind. Incorporate some calming music with a continuing or repeating melody.

Try a warm bath or reading an undemanding book. Good practice to get a good night’s sleep is to go to bed at the same time each night so that your mind and body will get used to a predictable bedtime routine.

Products that help you sleep contain Magnesium. Magnesium helps by regulating the nervous system; working alongside your natural melatonin to help you get a better night’s sleep. We love the following…

NEOM Organics London – Perfect Night’s Sleep Magnesium Body Butter (£36.00)

Neom is a lovely brand anyway, but this product is fantastic; so full of magnesium and lavender oil, the combination guarantees a great night’s sleep.

 “Efforts to enhance a customers service
knowledge and provide them with the skills
and abilities to use critical information can
help companies differentiate their service
offerings and provide a strong foundation on
which to build trusting relationships with

This Works Deep Sleep Bath Soak (£22.00)

For a relaxing bath, choose This Works Deep Sleep bath soak. These mineral flakes are full of magnesium and smell delicious.

These products are so good, so please don’t blame us if you sleep through your alarm.

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