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Elite Dating, Old Fashioned Dating Gets Trendy

As more and more women embrace and own their powerful and magnetic energy, they are re-evaluating what is and isn’t acceptable in their love lives. An empowered single lady demands a better standard of everything – including dating. The love goddess that you are wants to be romanced and wooed in the sweet old-fashioned way that was once showcased in the classic movies of Hollywood. Whilst modern day dating sites and apps have made hooking up with someone super easy, accessible and convenient, they have also lowered the love and romance standards. Old-fashioned dating is all about romance, respect and good manners – and is exactly what every woman deserves.

Ask For Permission

Modern culture and society has conditioned us to believe that it’s acceptable to ‘assume’. In days of old, asking permission was the accepted practice, especially when dating.Someone that’s genuinely interested in you will have no qualms about asking permission to take you out on a date. And if they ask if they can kiss you, you’ve found yourself a keeper!

Dressing To Impress

When you’re going on a date with someone new, you’ll obviously want to dress to impress. Dressing in a manner that’s classy, chic and sophisticated is the thing to do when you’re old-fashioned dating. Instead of focusing on your sexiness, it’s best to wear an outfit that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Your date should reciprocate by wearing equally stylish and elegant clothes that create a good and long-lasting first impression.

Romantic Gestures

Buying flowers, opening the door, pulling out a chair, and walking on the outside of the pavement are quaint and endearing old-fashioned traits and habits that every man should learn. As men are notoriously bad at expressing their feelings and emotions verbally, a handwritten love note is the perfect way in which they can let you know that they simply adore you.

Nice Compliments

A compliment that is delivered with sincerity goes a long way in making someone feel special. Old-fashioned compliments that typically focus on your outfit or appearance are always flattering and never sexual. Complimenting someone on their enchanting personality, wealth of knowledge, or wisdom, is a lovely way to show appreciation.

Living in the Moment and Being Fully Present

When you’re on a date, nothing spoils the romantic moment like someone not being fully present. If your date can’t stop looking at his phone, while you’re enjoying a candlelight dinner, he’s really not honoring your goddess-ness.When you’re old-fashioned dating, you’re completely focused on your captivating companion

Manners Maketh the Man

If you want to know how someone will treat you, sit back and observe how they treat other people. A man’s interaction with the restaurant waiting staff will provide you with a clear indication of whether or not he has good, old-fashioned manners.

Women of Sex…….. No Expectations of Sex

Unlike casual dating that often comes with the promise of sex, old-fashioned dating dictates that a date does not have to be a precursor to intimacy. There are no expectations of getting lucky on a first date, or even on the 3rd. Women and men who are genuinely interested in each other prefer to be emotionally ready before they slip between the sheets.

Mutual Exclusivity

When you meet someone special through old-fashioned dating, there’s no need to feel awkward when you’re discussing being a couple. After all, the No.1 rule of an old-fashioned relationship is ‘going steady’ exclusivity. Every woman knows that there is something rather charming and adorable about being asked if you want to be your romantic interest’s ’girlfriend’.

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