Foundation Brushes That Will Make Your Skin Look Perfect

There are so many ways to apply foundation these days, from kabuki brushes, silicone sponges, airbrushes and of course your fingers: classic brushes seem to be a dying breed. Your fingertips can hardly compete with a 140,000 bristle brush that feels like a pillow in brush form.

After you’ve applied your perfect choice of foundation with one of the brushes below (for applying both powder and liquid foundation) your life will forever be changed and your photo selfies, upgraded.

Best Budget: Revlon Foundation Brush (£9.99) 

this foundation brush has everything you need for a smooth application, without all the unnecessary features and high price tag. It’s thick, domed shape allows easy application of liquid, cream and powder foundations.

You need six different types of makeup 
brushes, one each for your foundation/concealer,
blush, powder, contour, crease,
blending and angle.”

Best Sponge:
Real Techniques Face + Body Blender (£12.99)

Every beauty enthusiast can appreciate a multi-purpose beauty tool, and this sponge is exactly that. It’s large enough to apply bronzer and even moisturizers to your body.

Best Drugstore: EcoTools Classic Foundation Brush (£5.94)

Eco tools is an environmentally friendly brand with a affordably priced makeup tools that work really well. It’s designed with flat, dense bristles to give you a smooth and flawless base.

When Buying makeup brushes, you really have
to understand how your face is structured and
your skin type – this will help you determine 
the shape, size and bristle length you need.”

Best for Liquid Foundation : Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush (£47.87)

We love Fenty Beauty Everything. Fenty brushes are such good quality and designed to give a seamless, air-brushed, full coverage application.

Best for Hard-to-Reach Areas: BareMinerals Luxe Performance Brush (£25.00)

This is an extraordinary foundation rush that mimics the shape of your finger tips for easy blending of liquid foundation makeup even around your nose and eyes. It’s also hypoallergenic which is great for sensitive skin types.

Your makeup brushes pick up dirt,
grime and oil from your face but then can
deposit it back on your skin the next time you
use them. You don’t have to keep buying new
ones. Just wash the ones you have.”

Best Multi-Tasker:
Covergirl Makeup Masters Makeup Brush ($5.94)

Covergirl Makeup Masters Makeup Brush is designed to minimize the usage of so many makeup brushes. It’s great for the blending of your favorite powder foundation and even your blush.

Swirl the brush in the powder and apply it in a circular motion over your face. This method ensures maximum coverage of your powder foundation.

Best for Busy Bees: Real Techniques Blend + Blur All Over Brush (£16.99)

I depend on this dense, oval-shaped head to make my foundation look like a flawless veil of second skin.

To clean a natural brush, use soap and water.
The best way to clean a synthetic brush is
using a hand sanitiser instead of soap and

Best for Under-Eye Concealer:
Artis Elite Smoke Oval 6 Brush ($60.00)

Artis is widely respected as a top-tier foundation brush that delivers next-level coverage. This compact brush is perfect for swirling around underneath your eyes and around your nose area, and it feels so so soooo soft.


Best Eco-Friendly: Tarte Cosmetics Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush (£113.32)

This foundation brush flawlessly blends and buffs any type of foundation for a perfectly airbrushed effect. It’s also a great size and can perfectly fit in your makeup bag. Ethical beauty lovers will enjoy that its also vegan and made of sustainably harvested bamboo, too. Genius!

“The longer the bristle, the softer the
application and coverage. Shorter bristles will
give you heavier application and more intense,
matte coverage.”

Best Overall:
Artis Palm Brush (£56.40)

This cult-favorite foundation brush allows you to blend foundation, powder or bronzer to larger areas of the face or the body with a simple swipe. It’s especially cool because the design includes a grip-pad that circles the brush, and finger indent for added control when applying and blending foundation, blush, highlighter, and your favorite moisturiser.

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