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Healthy Relationship Tips, How to Build A Healthy Relationship

Great relationships are built on a solid foundation that is made up of a variety of important key components. Working together as architects, a couple can construct a loving, happy, healthy and successful relationship that is strong enough to overcome the challenges of life, and to go the distance.Every (good or bad) relationship that you have enhances your existence. Who you are as an individual, how you relate to others, and what you expect from life, help you attract someone who is a match for your manifesting vibration. Your beliefs, attitudes, and behaviours are the factors that determine the learning experiences that every relationship will bring you. If you have emotional wounds from the past, or have yet to learn how to love yourself, there’s a high probability that your most intimate relationship will reflect all the aspects that you need to heal, in order to be able to attract a healthy relationship that is in absolute alignment and loving harmony with you. The more you love and work on yourself, the greater the chances of meeting someone special who mirrors back the lessons of life that you’ve learned from and have mastered. Together, you’ll be well-equipped to build a loving and lasting healthy relationship that’s based on the blueprint that you’ve created through your inner work.

The Signs of a Healthy Relationship and the Building Blocks of a Healthy Relationship

A healthy relationship requires trust. Your earliest experiences in life determine whether you have a positive trusting attitude, or difficulty trusting other people, due to issues relating to instability, inconsistency and/or invasion of boundaries. If you have mistrust, it’s not possible to nurture and build a relationship that is healthy and happy.

  • Open communication can help to dissolve trust issues between you and your partner.
  • Commitment is the cement that you need to maintain a healthy relationship. When you commit to someone, it’s essential that you prove your loyalty through attention, time, and energy. Whilst being committed to your partner is expected, being completely co-dependent and enmeshed makes you lose your identity.
  • Making time to do things that you love, together and separately, creates space in your relationship so that you can both flourish and grow.There’s far more to intimacy than romance and sex. When you’re truly intimate with someone you’re comfortable sharing all the aspects of yourself, including vulnerability. To build a healthy relationship, you and your partner must be willing to open up and reveal your weaknesses, neuroses, and the things that you least like about yourselves.
  • Showing attention, and an appreciation of the little things that your partner does for you, can help to greatly enhance your intimate moments. Cultivating empathy and compassion in a relationship, is crucial if you want to be deeply connected to the one you love. Being able to walk in someone else’s shoes gives you a better understanding of how your partner thinks and feels.
  • Offer reassurance, encouragement and support whenever your partner needs it – and let them know when you are in need too. The verbal and non-verbal communication in a relationship is facilitated by the respect, trust, and commitment that you share. If you want to build a healthy relationship that lasts a lifetime, you need to be able to speak openly and honestly from a place of love.
  • When you lovingly express how you feel, and what we believe in, you invite your partner to communicate with you in the same positive and healthy manner.

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