Creating a versatile and stylish wardrobe is the perfect way to ensure you always look and feel your best, no matter where the day takes you. Building your ideal wardrobe to suit your lifestyle can be tricky, which causes many people to often overspend on items they never even wear. However, you can create your ultimate wardrobe in a few simple steps. Here’s how…

Establish Your Signature Style

The first step is to gain a good understanding of your signature style. Without this, your wardrobe will look much the same as everyone else. Fashion offers a great opportunity to communicate who you are before you’ve even spoken. First impressions count, and you can ensure you always make a great first impression through what you wear.

Before you start to create your wardrobe, sit down and think about your signature style. Make a note of how you want to present yourself to the world, think about colours and textures, the fit of your clothes and your likes and dislikes. You should be able to write a statement about your style, for example: ‘my signature style is simple and chic, with a subtle edge’ and then list your colour palette, fabrics and patterns. This will give you a great base on which you can build your ultimate wardrobe.

Top tip: Don’t forget to consider your lifestyle when it comes to your signature style. Think about how you spend your time, what kind of clothing you need to suit your everyday life.

Invest in Basics and Classic Pieces

The trick to creating a hard-working wardrobe is to layer up your pieces, starting with basics and classics. Basics are items that can be worn in a number of ways, and mixed and matched with other items. They are generally simple and can be dressed up or down. Classic pieces are timeless and shouldn’t go out of fashion, ensuring your look is always stylish.

Basic pieces you might consider include: simple vest tops, a long line cardigan, high waist tailored trousers, a pair of leggings, high waist jeans and a high waist jersey body con skirt.

Classic pieces you might consider include: Chelsea boots, a fitted mac, a high waist pleated midi skirt and a simple blouse.

Incorporate the Latest Trends

The next layer to your wardrobe is fashion pieces. These are items that might not necessarily be on-trend for a long time, but will update your wardrobe to be more current. Where possible, invest in trends that you feel you could wear for at least a few years, and items that reflect your own signature style, instead of buying something just because it’s popular. These items offer a great opportunity to introduce more colour, pattern and texture into your wardrobe. For example, you might invest in a floral tea dress that can be worn with your Chelsea boots and mac, or a silk shirt to wear with high waisted jeans.

Create Versatility

A hard-working wardrobe is one that has various pieces that can be mixed and matched for all occasions. Most of us need outfits for work, off-duty style and for occasions such as cocktails with the girls, date night, parties and weddings. In building a wardrobe that has a variety of pieces that can be worn in a number of ways, you can ensure your look is always fresh, interesting and appropriate for the occasion.

Add a Handful of Investment Pieces

The final layer of any wardrobe is investment pieces. These are usually timeless and high-end or designer brands. Just a few investment pieces can add a polished and expensive feel to your look. For example, a versatile leather bag and shoes will take your outfit to the next level. The best way to invest is by choosing pieces you will often wear – bags, shoes, jewellery, coats and jeans for example. This means you’ll get a lot of wear out of these higher price items, making them well worth the extra spend.

If you follow these steps to create your ultimate wardrobe, you can ensure you will always look smart and stylish, while also promoting your own unique signature style.

4 thoughts on “How to CREATE the ULTIMATE WARDROBE

  1. Great post! It is said that the way you dress is the way you will be addressed, so looking good is a good business and it all start from your room and wardrobe, and establishing your signature style as the first step is indeed nice, the colors, texture, and most importantly your life style and also creating of versatility, this article is really useful and i think most people needs to see this article, this has helped me a lot, my wardrobe is sometimes really messy, i will definitely apply all this tips..Thanks for sharing

    1. My impulse buys are always a treat and proud happy memories, there are so many splurge worthy goodies to enhance your wardrobe and style confidence, I shall add a few more to this article for you to see. Thankyou

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