How to Have Huge, Plump Full Lips

Creating a gorgeous pout without the use of surgery or injections isn’t as challenging as you might think. There are many lip plumping products out there that promise surgical like results, as well as makeup tips that create the illusion of bigger lips. We have done our research and therefore below you will find the products and techniques to enable you to master your fullest pout ever.

TIP #1: Hydrate and Exfoliate

Hydration and exfoliation is the best way to achieving key both healthy-looking skin and full, plump lips. To keep your lips well moisturised and free of dead skin try exfoliating two or three times a week with a lip scrub and then applying a healing balm at night to treat your lips whilst your sleeping. This practice can be done along with your night time skincare routine.

During the hot weather summer days, try rubbing an ice cube over your lips to prevent them from flaking. This quick fix method will increase blood flow to the skin and make your lips look plump and full.

TIP #2: Neutralise Your Skin Tone

Try using your concealer or foundation to apply to your lips to neutralise the skin to tone.

When you line your lips after this beauty trick you’ll be working with an bank canvas’, try saving your concealer or foundation on the lips to even out your lip. Ok our so that it matches your complexion. Once this is done, try lining your lips with a flesh toned pencil a few shades deeper  than your natural skin tone. Lining just above your natural lip line and creating a rounder fuller shape will give the illusion that your lips are much larger than they actually are.

TIP #3: Add Instant Shine

Another method for creating a fuller looking pout is to add a clear gloss to the centre of your lips for and added shine that reflects light and drawing attention away from the corners of your lips that might not look as full. Your lips will also appear healthy and hydrated.

For a precise application, dab a small amount of gloss on the center of the lips using your fingers.

TIP #4: Choose Natural-Toned Hues

Bold lip colors are sometimes more difficult to use when wanting to create fuller-looking lips because these colours are more noticeable and need a little extra maintenance.

Our suggestion would be wearing more neutral looking colours and blending this in with a lip liner in a bold colour. This will give the illusion of full lips and nice rounding to the edges.

If you want to make any bold lipstick a soft stain, simply apply it and then blot down with a tissue until you get the desired color you want.

By blending the lipliner with your finger, the same way you smudge your lipstick, you’re able to create a very soft, natural look that appears more refined.

TIP #5: Highlight Your Cupid’s Bow

Cupid’s bow, is the small “v” shape indentation above your top lip that forms a natural point.

When you add highlighter to this portion of your lip, it creates a light reflection that helps lips appear larger and fuller, which is a little trick to enlarging the shape of your pout.

You can add highlighter by dabbing a bit on with your finger or using a brush. Alternatively try Blending with a small concealer brush or sponge.

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