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MENTAL HEALTH should be PRIORITISED: 3 Questions To Ask Yourself First

We all have goals that we’re pursuing and working really hard to achieve. This could be financial goals or perhaps just being in excellent physical shape.

But, why don’t we prioritize our mental health as part of our goals?

You see, your mental health is like a car engine. When the engine is malfunctioned, there’s definitely no way the car can run. You’d have to look for a technician to fix the car. Most car owners do regular car services at the service station to ensure it runs smoothly.

So, how often do you service your brain to ensure it runs smoothly?

With our busy lives nowadays, it can be hard to prioritize mental health – but deep down we know it’s crucial.

Failing to take care of your mental health can not only lead to bad moods, depression, and problems focusing, but it can affect how you look physically.

Mental health and well-being are definitely linked. There are definitely steps you can follow to make your mental health first place.

Step 1: What Really Stressed You?

Write down some things that stress you in your day-to-day life. Is it low finances? Is it addiction? Or are there perhaps toxic people you need to cut off from your life?

Whatever the reason, list all your stresses down and scale them based on importance. You can then start tackling the most important issues. By doing this, you’ll be able to focus and get a sense of your biggest concerns in life.

Changing your habit and committing to a new habit takes time and that’s where patience comes in. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself, you can always start off small but set goals that are realistic and that will help you.

Step 2: How Do You Talk To Yourself?

We speak to ourselves throughout the day!(even when just walking) and this can be positive or negative self-talk sessions. Most people talk negatively to themselves and what’s disturbing is they may not be aware of it. Take note when you start talking negative with yourself. Replace them with positive thoughts or affirmations such as ‘I like myself’ throughout the day. Take control of your mind and the change you want in you.

Step 3: Do You Ever Seek Help?

Fear of being judged by others sometimes prevent most people from taking that bold step of seeking help. Don’t bottle up your stresses alone. Reach out to a trusted family member or friend and talk to them of how you feel. You can also equip yourself with self-help tools such as motivational books or talking to a mental health professional for mental health diagnosis. It’s challenging to really admit you need help, but if you take that bold step of seeking help, you’ll be back to your usual self sooner than later.

Asking yourself the above questions is clearly a great way to start a healthier mindset(and you may be surprised by how great and fast the result will be.)

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