The rise of ‘Activity Travel’ over the last decade has seen the holiday industry transform itself.

With fitness and healthy living becoming a higher priority in people’s lives, the idea of a ‘drop and flop’ holiday where you spend a week lying by a pool eating all-inclusive food and drinking all-inclusive booze is losing its appeal to many.

Lots of people want to holiday for a sense of adventure. Stuck in offices and cities the rest of the time, they want their holiday to be a mix of the outdoors and the sunshine, a place where they recharge their physical and mental batteries. For many, the inevitable weight gain and the disrupted sleep of all-inclusive mean a lot of people head back from holiday feeling worse than they arrived!

Activity holidays now offer all kinds of experiences. You can book on walking holidays, cycling holidays, fitness holidays and yoga holidays. There really is something for everyone in the fitness holiday market.

Fitness Holidays, Who Does the Healthy Holiday Appeal To?

Market data shows that women are more likely to enjoy a healthy holiday than men, with around 65% of the travellers falling into a professional, female, 24-40 age group with interests such as health and fitness, wellness and travel.

It’s not to say men don’t like these holidays – there are plenty of men who go on them too, but the majority are women.

The younger demographic and the private villa set up means that the holidays are arguably more sociable than hotel-based trips where people don’t mix and interact as much. That, plus the shared means that you bond with your fellow guests because you’re sharing in an experience.

Daily variety of activities means the healthy holidays allow you to immerse yourself into the experience.

Where are the Healthy Holidays?

The market is worldwide now – there are UK holidays, European holidays and even healthy holidays in the far east. For the vast majority of UK travellers, the European market is the most popular, with the short flight time and relative low cost of the holiday providing the perfect combination.

They also tend to be week-long, rather than two weeks or more because they are fully immersive – training hard for a week is fine, but doing it for two starts to take its toll!

What Happens on a Healthy Holiday….. A Variety of Activities?

This depends on the type you go for. If you do a walking holiday, it’ll be walks on different routes. If you do an active retreat it’ll be a variety of activities, if you do a cycling holiday, it’ll be various different cycle routes around wherever you stay.

Most places won’t enforce exercise – you’ve paid for it, it’s up to you how much you do. If you do one session or all of them, that’s your choice!

You’ll likely be fed at least one of your daily meals and the likelihood is because it’s a healthy holiday the food will be freshly cooked and incredibly tasty. That might not be great if you fancy a big burger in an evening, but it’ll probably make you feel better!

An active holiday may not have been something you have thought of before, but if you love exercise, want to enjoy different activities and meet some like-minded people, it could be the perfect choice for you.

6 thoughts on “OVERSEA’S ADVENTURE TRAVEL, Activities, The HEALTHY HOLIDAY Industry is Booming

  1. I have not heard of this before. This is a great idea! I love actually DOING things on my vacations, instead of sitting at the pool all day and encouraging myself at the buffet lol!

    1. Haha! I know exactly what you mean, I eat so much food with all inclusive holidays, but it motivates me to want to be more active on holiday and so going on an active holiday can be just as stress free relaxing without having to loose the extra few pounds when you return home

  2. This is so new to me. I have really never heard of it like this. The walking holiday. I like this. I’m literally laughing at this because I feel kinda stupid not knowing about it. I just sent the link to my wife. Relaxation is so key for me. This is perfect!

    1. Wow, yes, as much as I really love my beach holidays there are so many activities and adventures available when you travel abroad. I know of a few companies that can plan some amazing experiences for your holiday, i shall leave a few recommendations on here, thankyou

  3. Do you have any suggestions on how people can travel now during the pandemic? I really could do with a vacation back home in the UK but don’t know if it is worth the risk or how to go about looking into this. Thank you.

    1. Hey Catherine, I’m based in the U.K. as well, and am definitely missing the beach, especially with all the heat waves and no air conditioning. I personally can’t see myself travelling this summer (fingers crossed for September/ October 2020 holiday when the travel industry should be Some what recovered ), but there are government guidelines that you can refer to:


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