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Power Kindness, Kindness is King

If you want to be happy, content and satisfied in life…be kind. Kindness is the quality of being friendly, caring, considerate, gentle and generous. Whilst it can be easy to show the qualities of affection, compassion, empathy and warmth, that are positively associated with kindness, to people you love, being able to demonstrate this trait to strangers is a habit that is not as straightforward and effortless for everyone. Human beings are undoubtedly a profoundly social and caring species, with a great capacity to show kindness, care, empathy and compassion for other people, and animals. Even though some people view kindness as a sign of weakness, it actually requires a great deal of strength, resolve and courage to be selflessly kind. Doing acts of kindness for others is hugely beneficial to our wellbeing. In case you didn’t already know, when you practice kindness you raise your vibration, and generate glowing positivity.

Kindness in Relationships

Kindness is one of the most effective ways in which you can strengthen your close and personal relationships. In a romantic connection or marriage, kindness is responsible for creating a sense of stability and satisfaction that is shared by both the giver and the receiver. Although kindness is always gentle, it has the potent power to make people feel valued, validated and understood. It can also make the recipient feel loved.When you’re being kind to your partner, a family member, or a friend, you are able to tell the truth in a gentle, loving and caring way. Behaviour that is warm and affectionate helps to deepen intimate connections and bonds, and creates a happy place for everyone.

Kindness in the Workplace

Most people are naturally kind to others that they feel intimately or socially bonded to. However, a great chunk of your day may be spent in the company of people that you have no real feelings for. In the workplace, it can be highly beneficial to your career advancement to kindly celebrate the good news and success of your colleagues and peers. If you’re kind-natured you will feel happy for other people, regardless of whether or not you like or care for them. Having a kind deposition will also enhance the quality of your general 9-to-5 experiences.

Kindness in Society

When people think about practicing kindness in society, they generally associate it with acts of generosity. Sharing resources with others, instead of holding on to everything for yourself, is one way in which you can practice kindness in the world. It’s also possible to show kindness through charitable volunteering or a financial donation, or via the offer of an alternative form of support. Performing random acts of kindness is an excellent way in which you can boost your wellbeing without the need to have any physical social interaction. Doing a good deed for a stranger can genuinely give you a deep sense of satisfaction, even if you don’t witness their reaction to your generosity.

Be Kind to One Another and Be Kind to Yourself

When you’re busy being kind to everyone around you, don’t forget to practice being equally kind to yourself. Replace negative and critical self-talk with kind and gentle words that make you feel like a King or Queen.

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