Ch’i, Qi, prana, life force, spirit, Cosmic power – these are all words that describe the invisible vital energy that flows through our body and connects us to everything in the Universe. In its most feminine form – Shakti – this energy gives us life, and empowers us to embrace our uniqueness and individuality as women, by amplifying our human experiences.

If you want to live a life that is rich, happy, joyous and colourful, you need to embrace and own the harmonious feminine energy that makes you, You.

What is the feminist movement? The Depletion of Feminine Energy

During power struggles in the past, women abandoned their feminine energy in order to better compete with males.

The feminist movement heavily emphasised that equality between the sexes could only be achieved if women simply acted more like guys. What women, conforming to a more masculine version of themselves didn’t realise, at the time, is that their feminine energy is innately powerful.

It’s not necessary to mask your femininity to feel empowered. This potent life force can, and should, be openly expressed in lipstick and high heels.

If you feel the need to hide your goddess spirit, you’re giving away your power. You’re also inviting stress, misery, illness, and a potential identity crisis into your life. Whereas masculine energy possesses a strong ‘take action’ quality, feminine energy is expressed through ‘being’.

Regardless of your gender, everyone has a fluidity of the two energetic components. To be in perfect yin (feminine) and yang (masculine) balance, you must access the feminine aspects of creativity, emotion, connection, empathy and nurturing, as well as the dominant male driving force that powers you into action.

If you naturally take on the ‘doing’ masculine role, in a relationship, you’ve clearly forgotten how to be a woman.

A woman who embraces and owns her feminine energy knows how to get all the doing done, just by ‘being’. When your energy is in balance, you attract go-getting masculine guys who are in touch with their feminine side, and you don’t perceive other women as a threat.

How to Get Self Confidence, How to Own Your Feminine Energy

If you’re tired of wearing a mask, and long to embrace your innate feminine energy, there are a number of things that you can do to shake up your Shakti. To wake up stagnant/dormant energy, you need to move your body.

You can activate the energy by getting up on your feet and dancing.

Go wild to your favourite upbeat songs and dance around the kitchen. Doing a few Belly dance undulations, and a shimmy and slide will get the energy flowing in the living room. In the privacy of your boudoir, you can slip into a more sensual vibe.

Intentionally using your senses to experience life with pure pleasure is the perfect way to express your feminine energy. Use touch, taste, sight, smell and sound to awaken your feminine energy so that you can embody it, and then express your intuition and feelings more easily.

A woman who is fully in her feminine power has let go of giving and has become the receiver. She graciously accepts compliments and gifts, and is comfortable asking for any help that she needs. Her heart is always open to receiving love.

More of You, Be More You

Restore your energetic integrity, by embracing your feminine energy can make you feel the same sense of relief, satisfaction and empowerment that you enjoy every time you whip your bra off at the end of the day!

When you own your feminine energy achieving success, in all things, is easy for you. Being comfortable being YOU, is of course, the ultimate payback.


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6 thoughts on “SHAKTI POWER: Embracing and Owning Your FEMININE ENERGY

  1. Hello Ashyra, there is so much we women are limited to doing and that has made so many of use confined to so many little things we would have been better if we were free. As a lady there is such power we are carrying about but the society isn’t really inline with us showcasing that power. However, there is need for most women to be happy about who we are before the world will then see us for our true self and we can be well appreciated that way. Thanks for sharing this really wonderful article. 

    1. I agree, society tries to contain or limit so many women, and it’s not a forward way of thinking at all. As women we multi task and have to continue to grow and embrace our strengths and energy, thankyou

  2. Very inspirational read you have here, I’m not a woman but was raised by a very strong single mother and grandmother and I will definitely recommend to them this post as both of them are going through a tough time and might find this article useful! I believe they will find it very inspiring and it may help them to feel better about themselves

    thank you 

    1. Wow, Thankyou I really appreciate that. Knowing I have the power to reach out to others and uplift people’s spirits is just so heart warming. I’ve had many tough times, it’s not easy, to be strong resilient and forward thinking, when your going through it and feel alone. Best wishes to your mother and grandmother. Please do encourage them to read the article and leave a comment for me, I shall happily respond, 

  3. Great uplifting article. Being happy and comfortable with who we are, without trying to fit into society’s stereotypical roles and/or the expectations of those around us is brave and liberating. It sometimes takes a lifetime or a few challenging experiences to appreciate that true happiness and contentment is about being true to ourselves and those around us. Thanks for writing and posting such an inspiring piece.
    Here’s to feminine energy!

    1. thankyou for your comment, I’m so happy you agree. It is not ok to try and put people into a box and force them to live life in a certain way. To stand up for ourselves takes bravery and confidence. But as a result cones freedom and happiness. We all deserve to love and be loved. Please read a few more of my articles on self care and self love –
      you’ll enjoy this read too.

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