Shapewear – shaping your future in fashion

Sometimes we all need a little help squeezing into our favourite holiday dress or those extra skinny pair of jeans. Every fashionista knows it’s always handy to have a shapewear garment in your closet.

Whether you need help in the tummy department or to give your hips and thighs a bit of a nip and tuck, shapewear is a must for any occasion.

Shapewear is typically a garment designed to flatten and shape your body to your desired silhouette. It can provide you with what is considered a fashionable figure and will assist in elevating any look. Shapewear comes in a variety of colours and sizes and helps to contour the figure while providing the body with support naturally.

For those tight-dress moments, we’d recommend the sculpting slip. The simple slip is critical and can be worn under any dress that will smooth out any lumps and bumps and provide you with the seamless silhouette of your dreams. The lovely thing about shapewear is that it doesn’t add or take away from you. It merely works with what you’ve got and gives it a bit of a lift. All-natural!

For the lower half, you can choose from high-waisted briefs and high-waisted shorts that will give your tummy a tuck and the bum a bit of a lift and secure your thighs. The shorts are perfect for under skirts and dresses and will prevent any chaffing. You can wear them under any trousers. The briefs are classic for a skater dress that cinches at the waist. These briefs will give you a lovely hourglass figure with the tiny waist of your dreams, so what’s not to love.

Less common, but still available, is the sculpting bra and bodysuit, these eliminate the need for a bra as they provide all the support and security you need.  The sculpting bra and bodysuit are comfortable and will leave you with seamless support and shape all day long.

Check-out these various shapewear options.

Spanx – Women’s thigh and tummy slimmers (£29.80)

This product is lightweight, breathable and provides you with all-day shaping. The tummy slimmers, made from soft and seamless yarns that create comfortable and practical shapewear that you’ll be happy to wear all day long. Designed to target the tummy, it provides you with comfort and shape.

Delimira – Women’s Tummy control camisole (£18.99)

A best-seller, this camisole is lightweight and effective in smoothing out your figure and can be worn under a variety of clothing items. Don’t worry; your bust won’t be affected. The non-elasticated bust panel allows your bust to take its natural shape but will still support you and keep everything in place. The fabric is exceptionally breathable, making all-day wear possible. Grab yours today and enter into the world of seamless silhouettes and shapewear.

Triumph – Women’s Body Make-up shaping bodysuit (£43.37)

This bodysuit comes with a built-in bra that will give you the shape and support that you need. The bodysuit element will tone and flatten the tummy, and the sexy design will leave you feeling confident. The bodysuit is the perfect shapewear to be worn under dresses, skirts and form-fitting shirts.

Franato – Shapewear Under Dress (£16.98)

The dress is adjustable and will meet every need, with adjustable straps that are removable so it can be worn with a strapless dress, or as a criss-cross for optimal support. It firms the tummy, thighs and bum, and will provide a smooth and sleek look under any bodycon dress you fancy. The garment doesn’t roll or slip up so you won’t have to keep pulling it down or adjusting it every step you take. Re-shape and contour your body without sacrificing your comfort or that sexy feeling.

So with no downsides to shapewear, why wouldn’t you go out and buy yourself some today? It will give you that extra boost of confidence to slip on that little black dress or that cocktail dress for the office party at the end of the year. You might even get a few compliments for your new look, and it’s as simple as slipping on some shapewear.

Slip into the world of shapewear today. You won’t regret it!

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