The Ultimate Guide to Finding the Perfect Foundation

Having a beautiful and radiant foundation that ticks all your boxes is so uplifting and satisfying. However finding your ideal foundation isn’t always the easiest task. Many factors come into play when choosing the right base, such as the finish (matte or a soft glow/dewy) coverage (sheer, medium or full), texture (liquid or powder) price point (a health and beauty retailer brand or a little department store luxury), and the customer service you might experience at the Mac or Dior Counter.

To elaborate even more, when choosing the right foundation, consumers have many brands, shades and personalisation available, and therefore it can be quite the task to narrow down a formula that is perfect for your needs.

Of course I has a thorough look into this for you and now have all the advise, tips from professionals, dermatologists and makeup artists to help you choose your dream formula, finish and shade.

TIP #1: Identify Your Skin Type (and Skin Concerns)

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Try to consider what you skin concerns are and work with them, not against them. You should then be able to tailor your search around your specific skin concerns or health issues Sm for example eczema or simply wanting your skin to look flawless and glow.

The main skin types are dry, oily and or combination, in addition you could also be dealing with dullness, dehydration, breakouts and sensitivity.

If your able to think about your skin concerns you might find a foundation that covers up redness however that exact same foundation might also clog your pores and cause further acne flare ups or break outs.

TIP #2: Determine Your Undertones

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Firstly, if your chest and shoulders tend to be more red and pink you probably have pink undertones, or if you’re golden, peach and yellow you have warmer undertones. If neither of these colours stand out, than you have a neutral undertone. Any skin colour can have cool, warm or neutral undertones.

This is separate and does not have anything to do with how light or dark your complexion is.

Now you can be more strategic when choosing a foundation for example if you have redness, foundations with a yellow base can off set that or if you have blue eye bags you can use pink or peach shades.

There are so many shades to choose from and so You can experiment with shades along your jawline and see which shade disappears.

TIP #3: Go For Liquid, Oil-Free Formulas

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (£39.00)

choosing your foundation formula meaning liquid, cream, powder etc, is based in your individual complexion, however unless you have your heart set on a matte look, liquid or cream is always your best bet. Liquid foundation gives a beautiful flawless finish for your skin, even if you have oily skin it is still better to choose liquid foundation. Water and oil are basic elements your skin naturally produces, and so when that natural oil comes out, liquid will sit on your skin much better than powder.

Powder or mineral foundations can be good if you have an oily complexion, however they should be avoided if you suffer from dry skin. When powder gets wet it turns darker, therefore should powder be your go to, it could work in specific climates that have a dry and cool environment.

Try choosing a liquid or cream oil-free formula I’m for your foundation especially if you have sensitive breakout-prone skin. Also look for products that will not clog your pores. As well as makeup that contains salicylic acid which is and acne fighting ingredient.

If you have oily or combination skin, it’s ok to use a foundation that has oil in it, it might have moisturising and anti-ageing benefits in the formula.

TIP #4: Consider Your Coverage Needs

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When your ready to choose the level of coverage that you want, perhaps ask yourself how much you want your natural skin to show.

If you want to show off your beautiful skin choose a light foundation or even a good tinted moisturiser. The various choice of formulas can give your skin a radiant glow, or a matte look, which ever you prefer.

If you prefer to cover your skin considerably, choose a medium coverage foundation that you can build to a fuller coverage.

It is also possible to make your foundation more sheer by mixing the formula with your favorite moisturizer and/or applying with a damp beauty blender sponge.

TIP #5: Don’t Assume Full-Coverage Is the Answer to Uneven Texture

Benefit Hello Happy Soft Blur Foundation (£27.50)

If you’re dealing with textural issues on your skin such as acne scars or Rosacea, heavier, fuller-coverage formulas usually aren’t the answer.  Full coverage foundations will make your texture appear more raised and uneven. My advice to you in this situation would be to slightly bend the The Tropical Duchess rules on clean, natural and organic beauty and use a silicone-based (low hazard) moisturiser and primer (these products can at times clog pores so use sparingly) to smooth out the surface of your complexion before applying your foundation for naturally looking skin.

TIP #6: Samples Are Your Best Friend

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There is always opportunities to discover a different or new foundation that will probably suit your skin even better. Have a shop around and sample different foundations when never you run out. The technology and ingredients in foundation is always changing and being updated.

TIP #7: Application Is Key

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How good your foundation looks is also massively impacted by how you apply it to your skin. The application of your foundation makes all the difference. Try using a brush for more coverage and product or use your fingers if you want to work in the foundation. And wet a sponge to add moisture and sheerness.

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