This Years Biggest Trends

Already it feels as if 2020 has come and gone, but there are still a few months left of the year and that means that there’s enough time to get out there and embrace this year’s most significant trend.

We’ve had a look around, tracked what’s hot and what’s not – so here are just a few of the hottest trends we see this year.

Neon is back, baby! Like an itch that never goes away neon has made yet another comeback this year. Neutrals had their time to shine, but now a new neutral-neon hybrid has been born. Many trendsetters out there have started accessorising their neutral looks with a neon accessory whether its a bag or a pair of earrings. Neon is timeless!

Sweaters are in fashion! Yes, you heard correctly, sweater vests have taken the runway by storm with their grandpa-chic appearance. Brands such as Gucci have started to produce designer sweater vests. What next?

Polka dots are back again for the second year running. They’re feminine, they’re quirky, and they’re cute as anything. From dresses to trousers to tops, the spots have taken over and make a perfect pattern for any garment and any occasion.

One of the biggest trends of the year is the crochet look. Worn by Rihanna for years, the fashionista is only just catching on. From indie brands to big names such as Topshop and designers like Michael Kors, crochet has worked its way onto the list.

Here are some items that might tickle your fancy and will win you a few compliments…

Sinnex LED MASK (£24.99)

Topshop Black Tapered Suit Trousers (£30.00)

Topshop Pink and Black Spot Knitted Jumper (£35.99)

Not only does this jumper fit the latest trend but it’s trending on Topshop’s website itself, so you can’t go wrong with this one. With big cuffed sleeves and a cuffed cropped look, this dusty pink number is very adorable and is perfect for brunch with the in-laws or a picnic date in the park. It is a lovely texture and will add something to your wardrobe.

No wardrobe is complete without a polka dot dress..

It’s not just the jumper that’s trending, what about this gorgeous black and white spot babydoll dress?

Black And White Spot Babydoll Dress (£29.99)

Team this lovely dress with a matching or pattern clashing mask for best effect, grab your neon accessories and bag and lets head out on the town.

Girly Handbags- Neon clutch (£13.99)

Mini handbags are in and so is neon! Thanks to Lizzo and her appearance at the MTV music awards, the mini bag on-trend. This one isn’t quite as small as hers, but it’s just as cute. It’s super chic and the perfect size for all your nighttime essentials – a must for that Instagram pic or for updating any outfit.

Accessorise any look with this small pop of colour, and you’re guaranteed to be stylish. A simple and elegant touch and knowing the neon trend, you’ll be able to use this handbag for years to come.

Moving on to the crochet trend…

Karen Millen- Crochet Bandage Top (£83.40)

This top is a lovely simple design and has beautiful detailing all over. It comes in 3 different colours and has a beautiful halter-neck design that flatters the shoulders and provides a slimming look. It is form-fitting so pair it with a lovely skirt or pair of cigarette trousers for a killer combo.

Seraphy Womens Sweater Vest (£10.99)

Seraphy makes the most attractive sweater vest of them all, and it’s cute in a popular schoolboy way. Paired with a pair of mum jeans and a chunky belt and some chunky sneakers, you have yourself a look. With this trend, it seems that the more like school uniform it looks, the trendier it gets so have fun with it.

Victoria Beckham Black Twill Sleeveless Cami Top (£45.99)

Gucci Top Silk Bordeaux (£185.00)

But if all else fails and you can’t afford the Gucci version then dig in your father or grandfather’s closet, and you’ll find one that will most definitely have you looking like the latest and greatest trendsetter. Just look at Victoria Beckham for inspiration on this one. She has made it very apparent that she can rock the sweater vest better than all the younger celebs. Go Posh Spice and Go sweater vests!

Although this year has been a weird one, the fashion has managed to keep up with it, after all we’re talking about sweater vests, but if a Spice Girls can rick the look then why can’t you?

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