TRX Suspension Training Workout

TRX training is fun, alternative and results-based. The trapeze-like design and bumble-bee coloured straps can be used literally anywhere. I recommend the ‘door anchor’ so that you can fling it over your living room door and start your workout. Your core stability is constantly tested, but the idea of this style of working out is to improve your strength, balance and flexibility

Suspension training is so good for you body. Using the TRX to workout is exciting and it has endless exercises to train your total body.

With every exercise on the TRX you’re also working your core stability muscles, whilst keeping your balance and posture.

With the purchase of the TRX you’re also given 1 years free access to the app which features many popular workouts including Tough Level 1 and Level 2 by Miguel Vargas, Lean Body by TRX Coach, Strength & Core by Austin Way, Burn & Build by Tahneetra Crosby, On the Go by Miguel Vargas and Upper Body by TRX Coach. Alternatively you can also find TRX workouts on YouTube.

TRX can work every single part of your body, from legs to arms to core, chest and glutes.

You can challenge yourself through ‘progression’ with your movements and exercises as well as ‘regression’ as the TRX straps can also assist you with your

TRX training in a clever way that allows you to build on exercises and movements.

If you want to give it a try use my promo code for an extra 10% off: AMB10OFF

Make Your Body Your Machine.


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