Digital detox


I bet you’re most probably glued to your phone or computer screen right now. That’s okay(I’m also glued to mine)


Have you thought of taking some sort of technology detox vacation to perhaps shut out all the noise caused by digital technology and/or social media?

You see,

A ‘zombie apocalypse’ is happening around the world that no one seems to notice. Numerous researches have proven that technology is rapidly and unknowingly turning us into ‘digital Zombies’ – and the only cure is to have a dose of technology detox.

While this ‘digital zombie apocalypse’ isn’t ending the world yet, there’re great concerns on how technology is affecting both our physical and mental health.

Let’s face it, technology is definitely here to stay and just quitting it cold turkey is next to impossible – especially if your job involves using it all the time. However, taking a break from tech devices can do wonders to both your physical and mental health.

What is TECHNOLOGY DETOX, and why should you care?

When you’re so hooked to digital technology and/or social media – to a point where you find it hard to separate from a persistent online presence, that could be a red flag that you’re slowly turning into a ‘digital zombie’. And that’s where a technology detox comes to the rescue.

A digital detox is that ‘vacation’ you take to refrain from using tech devices such as smart phones, TVs, computers etc.

So, before you pack your bags(minus your tech devices of course) and take a digital detox vacation, first have a meeting with yourself and acknowledge that you have a problem by asking yourself the right questions. Why? Because the quality of questions you ask determine the quality of answers you get.

Could you go for a day without checking your emails every 5 minutes?


Constantly checking who posted what on Facebook, how many likes your post received etc.


Is it possible to wake up in the morning without first grabbing your smart phone way before you even wash your face?

For millions of ‘digital Zombies’ roaming the earth, these habits have gotten to a point where they happen subconsciously(but all hope is not lost).

Benefits of taking a TECHNOLOGY DETOX

Research has shown that going MIA on technology for a given period of time can boost how you sleep, your concentration and even lower your stress levels. It can even help if you’re experiencing a lot self-esteem (which happens at times to those who compare their lives to others on social media platforms such as Facebook, which is crowded with people who fake their lives).

Well, how do you start a technology detox challenge?

Ask yourself this: Is it possible to swap the time you spend on your tech devices with other non-tech but enjoyable activities?

You can perhaps spend that time exercising or socializing face-to-face with your loved ones or people you value in your life. Choose a day or weekend to start this challenge and make sure you stick to it by clarifying the toxic digital behaviors you’d want to eliminate.

Ask yourself: What’s your end goal for taking a technology detox challenge?

Is it to perhaps have more time with your family members or be more happy. Whatever your reasons are, write them down and see yourself achieving that.

So do you think it’s time to take this challenge? Go for it.

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