Why we want more from the BodyShop, Superdrug and Boots

There are brands that we all take for granted, always in our bathroom cabinets. But somewhere along the way, some products have gained cult status.

There’s no doubt the BodyShop is a cult brand; the founder, Anita Roddick, started the business in 1976 in Bath, England. The focus was always one of beauty without cruelty: and that remains true today.

At that time, Anita’s vision was considered something revolutionary: Anita said that this business could be a force for good. The company continues to follow her vision. The Body Shop says, “We’ve been rule breaking, never faking and change-making for over 40 years.” We think this is true.

Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel (£22.00)

Here’s the science, straight from our dermatologist. If you have sensitive skin choose a chemical exfoliator from the family of enzymatic exfoliators. Enzymatic exfoliators are a type of chemical exfoliators that breaks down the dead skin cells on the surface of the skin. An uber effective way of exfoliating that promotes skin renewal.

We love an expensive face cream just as much as the next person. But the fact is if you don’t exfoliate these expensive products will just sit on the surface of your skin. They won’t penetrate, and therefore they can’t function; they can’t do the job you’re paying them to do. This is just a massive waste of hard-earned cash.

Youth Liquid peel is a clear gel formula that transforms into a tight mask that can be a bit sticky to wash off. But it’s the ability to stick and lift off the old makeup that gets rid of dead skin, leaving your skin looking fresh. That counteracts the faff: so if you need to rinse a couple of times, so what, when your skin looks this good.

Top tip – It’s not a well-known fact, but Body Shop Drops of Youth Liquid Peel can be used on other places on your body that need exfoliation: knees, elbows and even feet. We know, fantastic – but who doesn’t love a multi-tasking product?

The entire BodyShop Drops of Youth is a fantastic and great value range of products – highly recommended.


Superdrug and Boots are our well known and loved chemists, or drugstores as they call them in the US. Home to many iconic brands, in recent years, they have branched out into selling their own brand products, and also some hard to get products from Europe.

Superdrug sounds like it should be American, but it is a British company. Founded in London by the Goldstein brothers, experienced retailers; Superdrug is the second-largest health and beauty retailer, behind Boots which is the industry market leader in the UK.

Superdrug Skin Care Natural Vitamin E Moisturising Body Cream (£7.99)

This cream is a bestseller and always sells out in-store. With so many write-ups in all the beauty journals, it’s no wonder this product is hard to find.

Childs Farm SPF 50+ Sun Cream (£12.00)

Very high UVA/UVB protection for sensitive skin this unknown brand is a top seller at Superdrug, and for a good reason. Sold as a children’s sunscreen, adults with eczema or very sensitive skin can use it. It will not irritate or cause any discomfort.


Boots the Chemist as it was once known, was established in 1849 by John Boot. Boots have been through various owners, including a brief period of being a US-owned company, but remains today a firm high street favourite.

Following the same ethos as Superdrug, Boots sells their own-brand products and those of other companies which don’t have outlets in the UK. For example, The Sanctuary range and its bestseller the spa facial oil.

Sanctuary Spa Facial Oil, 10-in-1 Super Secret Facial Oil (£13.50)

This excellent face oil is Infused with Black Rose and is vegan and just delicious: sells out online all the time. So if you’re lucky enough to find some, buy it. That’s my top tip for this product.

The Sanctuary Spa range is an excellent and great value line of products. Sanctuary health clubs in London and New York use their products in the spas, and they sell them worldwide through Amazon or Boots

Boots sell the excellent La Roche-Posay brand. For those who don’t know, this is a French drug store brand that until relatively recently you couldn’t buy in the UK. Ever wondered why French women always look fabulous? Well, this is a little secret we are only too happy to pass on.

la Roche-Posay Toleriane Caring Wash (£18.50)

This hydrating cleanser is excellent for removing makeup, along with the general dirt and pollution collected on your face during the day. It lathers up beautifully and smells great. Good value and the brand is very reliable, so the results are always the same: works every time.

There’s no doubt the BodyShop, Boots and Superdrug are hard-working and well-thought-out businesses that you can rely on to bring you great products.

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