Winter Vs Summer Skin

Skin Season is an All Round Season…

No matter what the season, most of us are after that gorgeous glow that we associate with the summer months. But, unfortunately, the sun has its agenda in this country, so we’re forced to find alternative ways of achieving a healthy glow.

As well as always looking like you’ve just walked off a beach in the Caribbean, you should look after your skin, and make sure your skin is receiving enough hydration and care.

In the winter months, our skin tends to dry; and we often forget to care for our skin during the winter because we hide it away under layers of clothing. That is a definite no-no as your skin is a long-term investment and needs to be looked after so that you can look your best when the summertime comes around.

Equally, in the summertime, the sun removes any natural moisture and can do some damage if you don’t use a good sunscreen with a high SPF. So the key to good skin this summer is a quality sunscreen and moisturiser along with some lovely shimmery products for a healthy glow.

So to avoid dullness, we must compensate by using products that provide us with enough moisture, elasticity and exfoliation. Here are a few products to help you with your year-long journey to great-looking skin.

Aveeno Sheer Hydration Body Moisturising Lotion 12Fl Oz (£17.51)

This moisturiser is a fabulous all-year-round product. It works on normal to dry skin and is clinically proven to provide moisture for 24hrs. The lotion uses Prebiotic Colloidal Oat to preserve and create firmer-looking and feeling skin from the first use.

It has been created for both men and women and promises to help with most skin conditions with its soothing ingredients. This product is perfect for anyone with sensitive skin and is unscented and non-greasy. The great news is it works! An excellent choice for everyone.

Hawaiian Tropic Protection Spray oil SPF30 (£6.00)

For those who can’t wait to get in the sun as soon as June rolls around, this product will both protect your skin and aid you in achieving the sun-kissed look. This product increases your ability to tan and is both fast-absorbing and non-greasy.

With a tropical scent of mango and coconut, transports you to the beach paradise of your dreams. The only problem is it keeps selling out. So when you see it, buy it.

Sanctuary Spa Body Scrub, Vegan Exfoliator – 200ml (£6.50)

Great for the welfare of animals and good for you! This scrub contains exfoliating pumice that will remove the top layer of dead skin cells allowing the healthy, more radiant skin to shine through. Simply use it in the shower with a glove or cloth and gently massage it into your skin then rinse off.

The product leaves you with glowing, enriched skin and 12hrs of the delicious signature sanctuary scent. A product against animal cruelty and for healthy glowing skin!

St Moriz Instant Self-Tanning Mousse – 200ml (£8.99)

This product is both easy to apply and effective, with only a slight self-tan smell. The streak-free formula allows you to achieve your desired depth of colour and comes with a guide so that you are guaranteed a professional-looking tan when you’re done.

The formula allows you to layer the mousse so you can customise it to your skin colour. It’s also fast-drying so you won’t be stuck sitting in a sticky situation for long. A must for the winter if you are craving that sun-kissed look.

NIP+FAB Glow Getter Body Oil – 100ml (£17.10)

This beautiful product uses a combination of 3 oils to nourish, soothe and bronze the skin. The formula consists of jojoba oil to boost elasticity, sunflower oil to calm and olive oil to moisturise.

Perfect for all types of skin, this product will add a little shimmer to your shoulders, legs and chest for nights out on the town when you want to stand out. Putting Glow Getter Body Oil on top of a gorgeous tan is the best combination, and is sure to get everyone’s attention.

Why not try it out for yourself and see what the hype is all about? No matter the season, you should take care of your skin and provide it with all the nourishment it needs to create the best version of your skin all year round. Your summer body will thank you.

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