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WORKPLACE WELLNESS Ideas and Why it Matters

“The office is boring and it really sucks away my productivity”

“I can’t concentrate because it’s too noisy or distracting”

“It takes too long to fix things”

I hear a lot of employees say these things about their workplaces(of course, not in front of their bosses for reasons well-known)


Is it possible to really have a successful wellness program that could tackle these complaints so we can’t hear them again?

Well, it’s not really easy, but it’s possible. The most successful workplaces integrate their wellness programs into their day-to-day strategies and overall company goals.

Numerous researches have found that having happy and healthy employees result in better productivity, reduced healthcare costs and a lower turnover(such employees rarely leave their jobs).


Also known as corporate well-being, workplace wellness are activities at places of work that support healthy behaviors in the workplace, which in turn improve our physical and mental health outcomes.

Such activities often include health education, wellness screening, fitness programs at workplaces etc.

Let’s face it, sitting long hours at the office and constantly glued to your computer screen at work can be detrimental to both your mental and physical well-being. This is why it’s vital for employers to make wellness programs a priority at the workplace.

While these programs require some budget set aside specifically for wellness, a research done by Health Affairs discovered that in the long-run, your company might actually save lots of cash -that would otherwise be spent tackling the effects of a lack of wellness program in the first place.

The secret to making a wellness program a success in an organization is to simply spread the message of wellness to employees while keeping the process fun(no one likes boring stuff). Failure to engage employees in the program can easily lead to lack of motivation.


How do you engage employees into a wellness program without first listening and understanding their needs?

The most successful companies understand this and they give their employees a voice. This way, they can know their needs and wants, as well as what’s preventing them from being productive at work. They then take action and this results in a win-win situation.

Workplace wellness ideas and activities to make it a success

1. Provide your employees with healthy, high quality snacks during office breaks.

2. Come up with a workplace wellness ideas newsletter and publish it regularly for employees (you could also send the best articles on wellness to their emails.)

3. Encourage your employees by ordering them healthy lunch at the office(especially when there’s too much workload.)

4. Invite health specialists to advise your employees on health matters.

5. Get insight into what’s working and not by collecting feedback from your workers(you can use Google forms or Survey Monkey.)

6. Start on-site fitness classes/yoga classes and invite a specialist to train your employees.

7. Create a workplace wellness smart phone app.

8. Do something special for your most loyal workers on their birthday (perhaps a gift they like)

Employees are a company’s most important asset. Wellness at workplace should indeed be viewed as a vital investment and given a top priority by all employers.

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