Youthful Glow Sugar Mask and Hydrating Masks

These are my favourite hydrating masks especially in winter when my skin is feeling depleted. There are also a few budget friendly options to look out for.


Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix (£165.00) 

To me, there is no better quick fix for dry, irritated winter skin. Definitely on the pricey side, the Biologique Recherche Creme Masque Vernix is a cushiony cream mask formulated with rich fatty emollients, proteins, and antioxidant peptides to restore and protect your skin.

Vernix actually refers to the waxy coating on a newborn baby’s skin, and Biologique Recherche made this mask specifically to re-create that bouncy, hydrated, fresh effect.

I like to apply a really healthy coating all over my face (especially along my under-eyes) and leave it on for hours.  You only need to do 10 minutes, but since it’s such a treat, go for as long as you can and remove with a warm washcloth.

It’s very pricey, and has a brightening restoration and anti-pigmentation formula. This sheet mask provides a more luminous and even complexion from the very first application. It diminishes existing pigmentation and prevents further pigmentation from occurring. It’s Packed full of antioxidants intensely brightens the skin. Your skin will be left glowing.

Actions instantly brightens up a dull complexion, diminishes marks of fatigue, reduces irregularities and controls melanin production to prevent further pigmentation.

Provides an anti free radical action to help combat cellular ageing.

Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask (£136.09)

This rejuvenating mask is designed to hydrate, nourish and comfort dry, ageing, environmentally damaged and dehydrated complexions.

The Clark’s Botanicals Deep Moisture Mask contains Natural ingredients including algae extract, vitamin E, and green tea. work together as part of this rejuvenating formula to hydrate, nourish, and comfort your skin when it’s at its most vulnerable—in winter.

It’s deeply moisturizing, adds suppleness to your skin, and, with regular use, softens the look and feel of fine lines and wrinkles. Use this mask to Regain radiance and suppleness over time.

Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask (£50.00)

The Glow Recipe Avocado Melt Sleeping Mask is a potent yet gentle eye sleeping mask formulated with avocado, encapsulated retinol, niacinamide & coffeeberry to treat milia, brighten, firm hydrate and depuff.

I was so excited to try this beauty product. Glow Recipe has launched another sleep mask after the incredible success of its ‘watermelon glow sleeping mask’ (sells for £45.00.SHOP HERE) only this time it’s a rich cream formulated with avocado, manuka honey, and polyhydroxy acid.

The ingredients provide hydration and support natural collagen production, as well as soothing properties for stressed-out skin that gentle exfoliate whilst you sleep.

It’s brightening, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory with a pore decongestant to boot. Basically, this mask does it all, and it’s the perfect new product to add to your winter routine. Reignite the sparkle in your eye.

Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask (£42.00 for a 1 years supply)

A proven super hydrator in a new generation of face masks designed in Korea

The Neutrogena Hydro Boost Hydrating Hydrogel Mask is also a dermatologist’s and wintertime favourite. The sheet mask, made from hydrogel rather than cotton, seals in the moisture-infused formula for better absorption as it quenches dry skin and adds a smoother, suppler texture.

Hydrogen masks deliver the equivalent of one 30ml bottle of concentrated hydrated serum to your skin in just 15 minutes.

Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask (£32.00) 

Clinique’s creamy, cooling night mask replenishes lost moisture in minutes. Then, after an eight-hour rest, you’ll wake up with dewy, hydrated, soft, glowing skin. I like to apply it on the weekend, sleep in, and discover quenched, lovely skin come morning.

The Clinique Moisture Surge Overnight Mask gives a Deep moisture tonight for a dewy glow tomorrow. Protects skin from dehydration, plumping skins ability to hold in soothing, nourishing moisture.

Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Sleeping Facial (£32.00) 

Wild rose – a precious heritage ingredients from the Korres herbal apothecary delivers maximum moisture and plumpness to the skin from the rich source of fatty acids.

The Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Sleeping Facial is A blend of hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, beeswax, and jojoba and wild rose oils, this Korres multipurpose cream mask hydrates while reducing the appearance of fine lines and evening your skin tone.

La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask (£512.00)

When a skincare product falls just short of £520 you expect it to deliver. I want forever youthful, silky, no wrinkles, clear complexion and gold for this price. But to my surprise this sleeping mask ticks all the boxes.

The La Prairie Skin Caviar Luxe Sleep Mask formula offers skin-improving ingredients like exfoliating enzymes, caviar extract, and the brand’s special cellular complex.

I noticed a lifting and firming difference almost overnight. The brand made in Montreux Switzerland   seeks timeless beauty and infinite luxury and has a Commitment to exceptional skincare treatments, Revolutionary skincare formulas and cellular anti-aging therapies.

With cutting edge biotechnology and patented cellular complex the formulations take luxury to a whole new level.

Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask (£87.14) 

This mask is so refreshing, and softens the skin and leaves the skin feeling naturally hydrated and smooth.

The Sisley Black Rose Cream Mask is plumping, deeply hydrating, and it wonderfully repairs damaged skin. A french brand, leaders in luxury cosmetics.

Dr. Barbara Sturm Face Mask (£219.00) 

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s hydrating and soothing properties are unmatched. This Potent clay mask is formulated to soothe stressed skin, hydrate and soften and gently detoxify skin.

It offers extracts of aloe vera and chamomile along with the signature ingredient of Sturm’s entire line, purslane, to provide intense moisture as well as to activate your skin’s own antioxidant system and protect sensitive cell membranes against free-radical attack. Leave it on for 15 minutes and expect better skin, post-removal.

SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque (£57.95) 

The SkinCeuticals Hydrating B5 Masque is highly concentrated and replenishes moisture to your dehydrated and stressed skin, restoring your water balance as it plumps and illuminates.

It’s a great Moisture boost. This translucent gel-textured mask quickly increases the skins moisture levels, soothes inflammation and encourages healthy tissue repair to alleviate dry, tight complexions in minutes.

The First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Instant Oatmeal Mask(£20.00)

This Fabulous repair gives intense hydration. Brimming with shea butter for moisture and colloidal oatmeal to calm irritation and soothe redness, First Aid Beauty’s unique mask offers up a boost to distressed skin like no other. It feels incredible, starts to work immediately, and offers results with a doable price tag.

Highly effective luxury products That treat everyday beauty and skincare challenges. It’s Free of harsh chemicals and known allergens and Targets specific skin issues such as eczema and acne.

IS Clinical Hydra-Intensive Cooling Masque (£159.12) 

IS Clinical’s cooling, professional-strength mask includes rosemary and aloe leaf oils, hyaluronic acid, and resveratrol to hydrate, promote healing, and brighten your skin. Plus, it feels absolutely amazing when you apply it right out of the fridge.

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